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At school it has been really fun so far. Everyone in my grade is really nice and that makes a great grade.


So far in maths we have been doing a bit of mathletics just like today 12/3/2013. On mathletics we did some decimals, rounding and number lines. I think it was better than I thought. Also in maths we had been dealing with lots of problems. One of the weeks we had to do 2 or 3 dice to make the number 18. The numbers on the sides had to be connected. So there is lots more that we have been doing in maths and I hope I can share more about what I have doing in maths in term 2.


 In literacy we have been doing groups. My group is made up of six girls and one boy. The girls in my group are Me, Charlotte, Mia, Eloise, Madi  and Kaitlyn the boy in my group is Flynn. In the groups we do, I think I wonder I feel, Activity sheets, Wow word and teacher groups. The won that takes the least amount of time is the WOW word one and the won that takes the greatest amount of time is the teacher group. Also my favourite one is the teacher group because you can talk and you can tell everyone about what you are doing or reading.


Every day we do spelling to make sure we no how to spell all the words. On Mondays we do the test to get our words than when we get our words we do look, say, cover, write, check, Tuesdays we do alphabetical order than meanings and than sentences, on Wednesdays  we do a spelling sheet, on Thurdays we do spelling bingo and on Friday we do a test to see if we do really no our words.


For reading if we want free time than we have to read 4 times a week or even more. I always read 7 or a bit less times a week because I always get free time. Some people don’t read at home so my teacher always makes us read after snack so we can write it in our diary and all we have to do is take our diary home and get our mum or dad to sign it and then at the end of the week my teachers checks it and if we read 4 times than we can have free time.


For I.C.T my grade doesn’t have to go to the computer room because everyone has their own laptop to take home and use at school. Having a laptop is a really good thing because you get to know alot of things about technology which help you learn. Some things we go on are Mathletics, Youtube, Cool Maths Games for kids, Typing games, Auto Collage and lots more.
Thanks for reading my post.

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