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I am so excited that Easter is here.

Some people go to church on Easter Sunday to celebrate the meaning of Easter.

Easter is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Also it is the day the Easter Bunny comes and brings us chocolate eggs, but not the real eggs.  I love chocolate eggs, so does my whole family.

I got a Huge Easter Bunny, lots and lots of small chocolate eggs, a huge crunchie egg, a huge normal chocolate egg, a humpty dumpty eggs and m&m eggs. My whole family got the same.

For Easter we went on a holiday to Hamilton and thats what my next post will be about. So come back and look in a week or so.


How do you celebrate Easter?

Did the Easter Bunny leave you any Easter eggs?

How was your Easter?

What is your favourite type of chocolate?





7 thoughts on “Easter

  1. @ Alana,

    What a lovely post about Easter.

    Usually we celebrate Easter by spending Good Friday with Poppa, Jeanette, your Uncles, Aunties and cousins. We have an egg hunt which is so much fun, but you always come home with too much chocolate.
    Yes the Easter Bunny did leave me some eggs and my favourite chocolate is white chocolate.
    I thought my Easter was fantastic. We had a lovely time going away.

    Love Mum ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Alana,
    I’m an elementary teacher and I’m trying to encourage my teachers to let their students blog. I really enjoyed your blog about Easter. Easter is very special to me also. I live in Missouri in the USA. We have special church services and eat family dinners. My favorite Easter egg is the chocolate ones with the gooey creme centers.
    Mrs. Nation

    • @ Mrs. Ruth Nation,

      Thankyou for you great comment on my blog.

      I love having my blog, but haven’t been doing many posts this year.

      I would love to go to America and see it.

      Thanks again for your comment,
      Best Wishes,

  3. Dear Alana,

    I enjoy Easter too. I always go to my grandma’s house for Easter every year. I really like all the chocolate. Keep up the great blogging.


  4. @ Tommy,

    Thankyou for your comment on my blog.

    I do love all the chocolate and will try to keep up the blogging,

    Best Wishes,

  5. Hi Im Chloe. I do like one derection:)
    My favrite band member is Harry,he is a better singer than every other one of them.And he is cute:)
    I hope you will write me back and can I ask you a question?
    Do you like one derection?
    What is your favrite band member?

    • @ Chole,

      Thankyou for your comment.

      I have a One Direction post.

      Just to let you know Louis is way better than harry by a mile. By the way I love One Direction they are my all time favourite singers. My favourite band member is Louis William Tomlinson.

      Thankyou for your comment again.

      Best Wishes,

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