I would like to welcome 2012 so….




Happy New Year


 At the start of every year people make new goals. 

 My goals this year are to:  Get better at spelling, to keep my blog going, to stay fit and healthy and to learn more new things.

I’m going to be in grade three this year and my teacher is going to be Mr Heenan. I’m sure he will teach me lots of new things, but

I will really miss Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan!


Here is a note for Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

You two have been a really great teachers. It was really fun working between two classes and having a class blog. I loved getting my own blog, thank you for giving me one.

I am going to leave comments on the4KM and 4KJ blog.

Thank you for being my teacher in 2011,



Some new things  I will be doing this year are:

  1. Getting my ears pierced
  2. Joining a netball team and playing with my friends
  3. Being a grade three blogger
  4. and lots more


Some new things that I will learn at school are:

  1. Join up writing
  2. Athletics
  3. Learning about the world
  4. Cross country running
  5. and lots more


I am really looking forward to grade three.

What are your goals for 2012? 

Did you achieve your goals in 2011?

If you have a blog are you going to keep it going?



14 thoughts on “2012

  1. @ Alana,

    What a great post!

    No I don’t have a blog but I will continue to help you whenever you ask me.
    I have no set goals as yet and no I did not achieve all my goals during 2011.

    Keep up the good work,
    Love Mummy ♥♥♥♥♥

    • @ Mum,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.


      I will keep up the hard work.

      Alana ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Hi Alana,

    I really liked you blog post and also it was great when you just started blogging.

    I have a blog. And I am going to keep on blogging and I hop my blog is a bite like you.

    I got to go now.


    • @ Mikayla,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      I really liked your comment.

      If you keep your blog going then I will still leave comments on your blog.

      Got to go my Uncel Dazz is here.


      • @ Alana,

        Thankyou for the nice reply back to me on your blog post.

        This is going to be a little comment.

        Sorry got to go. Someone is at my house.

        MIKAYLA 😆

        • @ Mikayla,

          Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

          Thats all right that your comment was a small one.

          Thank you for checking out my blog.

          Have you seen Jordi’s new blog post?


  3. @ Alana,

    I am going to try and still do my blog too. It is a great way to learn and share. I would like to join a netball team too this year! Are you enjoying your holidays?

    Your Friend,

    • @ Amelie,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      That’s great that you want to join a netball club. Which Netball club?

      Yes I am enjoying my holidays.

      Your friend,

    • @ Amelie,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      Do you know what netball team you are going to join in too?


  4. Dear Alana,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Its fun to start the new year. I like the dolls that you made on the blog. And the moving puppies. Most of my class makes new year list. They write down what they have to do in 2012.
    Yvonne 😀

    • @ Yvonne,

      Thank you for you great comment on my blog.

      Happy New Year to you too.

      I have to go now because I am going out with my family,

      Best Wishes,

  5. Hi Alana

    I am a teacher in Queensland. This year I will be teaching Year 2 and I would love to make a blog with them.

    I have been looking at your class blog and I am very excited about the great work you did last year in Year 2. I hope my students learn as much through blogging as you have.

    I am glad you have decided to keep up your blog. That is a great goal.

    I wish you the best in Grade 3. I hope you have another great year!

    Mrs Batham

    • @ Mrs Batham,

      Thank you for your greatr comment on my blog.

      I hope you havee a great time teaching.

      I think I will have another great year.

      I hope you have a class blog.


      • Thanks for your prompt reply, Alana.

        My class start school tomorrow, Tuesday. I am looking forward to showing them your class blog and also showing them the great work that you have done on your own blog.

        I think that your blog is a great example of how much we can all learn by using technology, but having fun and making new friends at the same time.

        I am glad that one of your goals for 2012 is to get better at spelling. Spelling is very important when writing a blog because it makes it easier for people to read, so they are more likely to come back again another time and to follow your blog.

        I am sure your new teacher in Grade 3 will be happy to have a student who is so keen to learn!

        When my class is up and blogging, perhaps you would like to comment on their blog occasionally to give them an example of a good comment.

        Did you start school today? If you did, I hope you enjoyed it. If not, good luck for when you do.

        Mrs Batham

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