Skyping with Jordi (3AH)


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For the last couple of days I have been skyping with my friend, Jordi.



Skyping with Jordi (3AH) on PhotoPeach
Skyping with Jordi (3AH) on PhotoPeach


I have had so much fun skyping with, Jordi!

This was my first time skyping with Jordi!

Jordi has put a post up please check it out!:

2KM and 2KJ (4KM and 4KJ) have skype with many people… Here is the post for
our last skype from the year, 2011…:

Here are some rules for skype:

1. Do not add people that you don’t know or don’t want

2. Don’t write mean things to anyone

3. don’t block, delete people for fun

4. lot’s and lot’s more!

Enjoy your skype and have fun.



Did you check out Jordis blog or 2KM and 2KJ blog?

If so what rules do you know about skype?

Do you have skype?


I would like to welcome 2012 so….




Happy New Year


 At the start of every year people make new goals. 

 My goals this year are to:  Get better at spelling, to keep my blog going, to stay fit and healthy and to learn more new things.

I’m going to be in grade three this year and my teacher is going to be Mr Heenan. I’m sure he will teach me lots of new things, but

I will really miss Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan!


Here is a note for Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

You two have been a really great teachers. It was really fun working between two classes and having a class blog. I loved getting my own blog, thank you for giving me one.

I am going to leave comments on the4KM and 4KJ blog.

Thank you for being my teacher in 2011,



Some new things  I will be doing this year are:

  1. Getting my ears pierced
  2. Joining a netball team and playing with my friends
  3. Being a grade three blogger
  4. and lots more


Some new things that I will learn at school are:

  1. Join up writing
  2. Athletics
  3. Learning about the world
  4. Cross country running
  5. and lots more


I am really looking forward to grade three.

What are your goals for 2012? 

Did you achieve your goals in 2011?

If you have a blog are you going to keep it going?