2011 Edublog Awards Nominations

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This post is going to be about Edublog.

 The Edublog is a annual (happens once a year) event. Here is a link to the 2KM and 2KJ blog to find out more.

 It is going to be a hard to choose all of these.


Best Student Blog

Jordi Joful blog

 I  chose Jordi’s blog because when I put posts up she will normally always leave a comment on every blog post. Jordi has taught me how to use different tools.


Best class blog

2KM and 2KJ class blog

 I chose the 2KM and 2KJ class blog everyone in the class tells me some more about blogging and they are great roll modles for me. I also voted for the 2KM and 2KJ class bog because they are my class and evryone in there is so nice.

Best Group Blog

Our World, Our Stories

  I chose Our world our stories blog because they’re are lots of people involved in it and it inspires other people to do it.


Best Teacher blog

Mrs Morris blog

  I  chose Mrs Morris’ blog because she is my teacher and she teachs me lots of things and especiallylots about  blogging.


Best New Blog

Hannahs blog

  I chose Hannahs blog because  with all her comments she has a lot of vistors. Hannah Loves blogging.


Most Influential Blog Post

Family blogging mouth changaeng, by Mrs Yollis

 I chose Family bogging mmoth because Mrs Yollis thoiught of the idea and it made other people to do it to. I also chose this post because 2KM and 2KJ get to do Family blogging month too.


Best Use of Audio/Video/Visual/Podcast

 Mr Avery

 I chose Mr Avary because when he does videos they are always interresting. One time Mr Avery did a video and it was a rap, it was really good.


Thank you for listening to my nominations!

Now you have a try.

Have you ever got voted for?

Do you want to win?

What would you feel like if you won?


21 thoughts on “2011 Edublog Awards Nominations

  1. Dear Alana,

    How thaughtful to wright best student blog, and with my name. Thanks so much!

    Great post.

    If I win I would be happy and suprised.
    Would you?

    Soon taday I might put a post on about this. Who would I choose? I can’t pick because there are so much great bloggers in 2KM and 2KJ.


    • @ Jordi,

      Thats all right.

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      Yes I would be very surprised if I won.

      I going to look at your blog.

      Best Wishes,

  2. Dear Alana,

    Thank you so much for nominating Family Blogging Month for your Most Influential Post. That means a lot to me! Including family and friends in a blog is so important because everyone learns together.

    Did you get lots of families contributing during your class Family Blogging Month? Did any grandparents leave comments?

    You asked if I have ever won? Yes, I have won before. It made me feel very happy because it meant that I had helped other people with their blogging and their learning and that was meaningful to me. I love the awards because I get to learn about new blogs and tools through the nominations.

    Thanks for your thoughtful nominations, Alana! 🙂

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • @ Mrs Yollis,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      Thats all right for nominating Family blogging mouth. Have you done a nomination post yet?

      Yes I did get lots of familes to comment on my blog in family blogging mouth.I did get some grandparents too.

      GREAT JOB . For winning.

      Thats OK.

      Do you have a badge on your blog?

      Best Wishes,

  3. .Dear Alana

    Great post I have not seen a eger blog before in grade 1 and 2. I love doing things to help maybe I vote for you for the best shoudent blog

    From Quinn

    • @ Quinn,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      If you do vote me I will be very happy.

      I want a badge for best student blog.

      Thanks again.

      Best Wishes,

  4. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog.

    It’s Alana by the way.

    I thank everyone that leaves me a comment even if they’re small they are still really interesting.

    My friend Dana just came to the school and she is already a wonderful blogger. She has left me about twocomments already.

    I think Dana left me a comment on my friends post and I think she might leave me a comment on the nominatoin post too.

    This might be for Dana to reply too.

    Here are some things about Dana that she likes about my blog.

    Dana likes all my widgets
    She loves blogging
    and lots more.

    Best Wishes,

    • Dear Alana,

      Great comment! 😆

      Thanks for talking about me in front of the whole blog!
      Yes I do like your widgets and I do like blogging as well as you can see right now.I have learnt so much from blogging and I like doing it alot.

      I’m glad you did it!

      From your friend,

  5. Dear Alana,

    Great post!

    I think all the people you nominated derserve an award.It i good that you chose the 2KM and 2KJ blog as the best classn blog because we have not been nominated yet, but because you have nominated the 2KM and 2KJ blog we have been nominated!
    I’m glad that we have nominated now!

    From your friend,
    Dana 😆

    • @ Dana,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      Also thank you for saying I have a great post.

      I also think people that I nominated derserve a award too.

      I chose 2KM and 2KJ because they are our class and they really do dersserve an award.

      When the votes are in for best student blog who are you going to vote?

      Did you leave a comment on my friends post?

      If you get your own blog, like next year are you going to doa a nomination post?

      Best Wishes,

  6. Dear Alana,

    You always put up great posts but I don’t get time to leave comments on them sorry. 🙁 I will try to leave comment straight after I get an email.

    I think you chose the right people to get voted for the Edublog Nominations 2011.

    Yes it would be great if I won but i probably won’t.

    got to go,

    • Dear Ava,

      Great comment.

      It’s all right that you don’t leave a comment on every post, I don’t leave a comment on every post on your blog.

      I wanted to vote you.

      You might win everyone has an even chance.

      I love your commet.

      got to go, g2g thats the short way of saying it,

  7. @ Alana,

    I love your post Alana you put so much effort into your posts you know, you are so lucky that you have your own blog!

    I like who you nominated! Well if I had my own blog I would chose for the best student blog I would chose Jordi , for best class blog I would chose 2KM and 2KJ, for best group blog I would chose Our World Our Stories and for best teacher blog I would chose Miss Jorden’s blog! Do you like what I chose. If I won I would be shocked and amazed. :shocked: How would you feel?

    I haven’t got voted for or I would love to win but I don’t think I’ll ever win a thing! 😥 Do you think you’ll win because I think you might get voted in won stage?

    Well see you tommorrowat school!

    Happy typing and happy blogging Alana!

    Your real blogging friend,

    • @ Meg,

      Thank you for your great comment on my blog.

      I would also love to get chose.

      You did a big comment. You should look at Ross Mannell’s comment on the 2KM amd 2KJ blog.

      I don’t think I will win, Jordis’ got a lot of votes. Jord might win.

      I think for best class blog I think 2KM amd 2KJ might win.

      Thank you for your great comment again.

      Best Wishes,

    • @ JoRdI,

      gReAt RePlY.

      i HaVe AlReAdY cHeCkEd OuT yOuR bLoG.

      yOu DiD a GrEaT pOsT.

      iS iT aLrIgHt If I dO a PoSt On ElFyOuRSeLf?

      BeSt WiShEs,

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